Kazriko's Dive

2017 Multimedia Completion

2017: 100 Games, 5 Platinum

2021 Completions

2021: 62 Games, 12 Books

2019 Completions

Since I lost most of my completed games lists, I’m going to have to recreate them from data stored elsewhere. Here’s the 2019 list, as near as I can recreate.

2020 Multimedia Completions

I lost my prior 2020 list due to a forum going down, so here’s the new one. 2020: 50 games, 28 movies/tv seasons, 3 books

Building a retro-future computer.

The 8-bit guy described his dream computer some time ago. I thought it was an interesting project, but I wanted something different from this sort of old-new computer. Here’s the design premises I started with, and some ideas I had for achieving them. A. What would computers look like now if they had continued going to a programming prompt on boot up in the 16-bit era instead of going the CP/M, Unix, or Mac route, and continued having a boot to programming all the way up to the 64 bit era.

2019 Goals

Slimming my goals way down for this year since last year was so tied up. Finish PS1 Backlog Finish PSP Backlog Finish Wii Backlog Finish Wii U Backlog Altogether, only about 16 games to play this year. There’s some fairly long ones in there though, and a couple of untranslated imports, so it should be an interesting year. As of the time of posting this, I’ve already finished Goal #1 above, there was only 1 game left in that backlog.

2018 Goals: Status

I forgot to make a post with my entire list of goals for the year, but I did capture it over on Player One Podcast. I’ll just reiterate them here, and report what was finished for them. I’m definitely not loading myself up in 2019 like I did in 2018. It was right down to the wire on if I would finish my last goal or not. I spent 20 hours playing on new years eve just to finish the last game.

Various nerdy projects

I have so many projects going on that I should probably write them down somewhere to make sure I don’t forget what step I’m on with each one. Frite XT. Someone tossed an original IBM PCXT case out at work here. I want to turn it into a ARM base PC Emulator box.I’ve backed the La Frite board on Kickstarter, should arrive next year sometime.La Frite has 2 USBs, desolder the connectors and run wires out to internal usb hubs.

Librem Phone, what I need to replace...

Next year, the Librem phone is supposed to come out. It’s something I really want to jump on, I’ve been waiting for a good alternative to Android/iPhone for some time. There’s just a few things that I’ll need to get supported before I can ditch the old phone. I’ll probably need to keep the android phone turned off in my backpack just for things that won’t work with the new phone.

2018 Goal Plans

I should probably keep the goals for not overspending on new games, and keep knocking out 4 platinums per year. PS3 seems hopeless for completion since it’s my largest backlog. I should focus on knocking out the smaller systems. Smallest backlogs: PS2: 48 Games3DS+DS+PSP+GBA: 18+18+3+1 = 40 obsolete Portable gamesWii U+Wii+PS1+NES: 12+12+1+1 = 26 obsolete Home Console gamesSwitch+XB1: 4+2 = 6 Current Gen console games.I’ll finish enough current gen games without having to worry about them.