I should probably keep the goals for not overspending on new games, and keep knocking out 4 platinums per year. PS3 seems hopeless for completion since it’s my largest backlog. I should focus on knocking out the smaller systems.

Smallest backlogs:

  • PS2: 48 Games
  • 3DS+DS+PSP+GBA: 18+18+3+1 = 40 obsolete Portable games
  • Wii U+Wii+PS1+NES: 12+12+1+1 = 26 obsolete Home Console games
  • Switch+XB1: 4+2 = 6 Current Gen console games.

I’ll finish enough current gen games without having to worry about them.

I think I should do 12 Portable from this list, and 12 Home from this list, and  maybe 12 PS2 Games. That’s more called games than last year at 36 though.