Since I’m not finishing as many games as I used to, I suppose I should tone the goals down a bit.
12 PS3 games. (Including Disgaea D2 and Ni No Kuni)
Finish: PSMini, PSP, GBA backlogs (Zenonia, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, LOH: Tears of Vermillion, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn)
2 Windows games. (Perhaps Ys: Naphishtim and Chantelise?)
At least half of the new releases that I purchase on day 1.
4 Platinums
That brings my called games from 24 down to 18, which is close to my 1/3rd decrease in completions from 2015 to 2016. (and would be about 1/3rd of my 2016 total of finished games.) I just barely made that 24 before I ran out of time this year.