• 1. Nano Assault Neo (PS4) 1/5. Not the best game. It wants to be Super Stardust, but isn’t quite as good.
  • 2. Fat Dragons (PSVita) 1/11. Essentially, it’s Joust.
  • 3. Lone Survivor: Directors Cut (PSVita) 1/13. Trippy game. Worth playing at least once.
  • 4. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (PS1) 1/17. Finished this, and later finished the epilogue. One of the more expensive games that I’ve ever played. I had to buy a new set of the game to finish it because the second disc was scratched.
  • 5. Velocity Ultra (PSVita) 1/18. Fun game, kind of tricky to finish the last level.
  • 6. Far Cry: Blood Dragon (PS3) 1/18. (100% trophies, 1/19)
  • 7. Infamous 2: Festival of Blood (PS3) 1/21. A vampire story set in the Infamous universe.
  • 8. Pixbox Puzzle Pack #1 (PSVita) 1/21. I really like the interface for this, my favorite interface for nonograms.
  • 9. Tales from the Borderlands: Zer0 Sum (PS4) 1/24. My favorite thing from Telltale since Sam and Max.
  • 10. Borderlands 1 (PS3) 1/31. Tales from the Borderlands inspired me to go back and finish this. Now that they’ve revived multiplayer, I think I’ll go platinum it too.


  • 1. Bubblegum Crisis 2040. So retro and throwback… Watched this because it was about to fall off of netflix.
  • 2. The Tick (Live Action) Fun, but more like a Seinfeld series than a comic book show. Patrick Warburton is good, as usual.