Books: Nada


  • 80. Fantasy Life (3DS) 12/1 Like a little offline FF14 game. I completed it without ever going to a combat oriented class. Tough playing it this way, but the game is good, mindless fun. A good one to veg out to.
  • 81. Rollers of the Realm (PSVita) 12/22 Great game. Worth playing. I’d only change a few things I think. 1. Losing all of the exp and gold from a level is a bit too punitive. Makes you feel like you completely wasted your time. Now, I understand they don’t want you scumming it and getting all the gold from the chest over and over, but if they made it so you kept maybe 10% of what you earned in a level that would probably make it feel a lot less like a waste when you lose. Also, they’ve addressed this in the Steam version, but in the first version of the game the last level was absurdly punishing and it took 15-30 minutes to get to it. It would be better if they broke it into 3 separate levels.
  • 82. Candy, Please! (PSVita) 12/23 Another cute little NoStatic adventure game. Worth playing for the price.
  • 83. Rogue Galaxy (PS2) 12/24 A really fun game, but you have to play it on its terms. If you go in expecting an RPG with healing magic and attacks that don’t take huge chunks off your health, you’ll be disappointed. This thing is brutal, and expects you to learn to avoid attacks and defend, and it expects you to use your abilities. A LOT. you have about the same amount of healing items as you do AP recovery items, so you should be using several skills per recovery item.
  • 84. Murasaki Baby (PSVita) 12/25 I wouldn’t call this cute, but it is interesting. The controls are frustrating at times, but very clever.


  • 20. South Park Season 18. Really good, and with a continuous thread that goes through the whole thing.