Wow, I spaced this thing out for 3 months. Guess I was too busy.





  • 61. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3) Very interesting game, worth playing.
  • 62. Infamous: First Light (PS4) A worthy addition to the series. I enjoyed it however brief it was.
  • 63. Hohokum (PS4) Very interesting. Very little storyline, but interesting.
  • 64. Serena (Linux) Also for PC. About an hour long adventure game where you mostly just poke around trying to find new dialog on all the random objects around you. I can’t say much more or it’ll spoil it.
  • 65. Stacking: The Lost Hobo King. (Linux) Eh, it’s not bad.
  • 66. Curse of Monkey Island (Linux) Another game down, only Escape remains.
  • 67. Destiny (PS4) Great game with a lackluster storyline and a bit repetitive mission structure.
  • 68. Danganronpa: Trigger happy havoc (PSVita) Buy it. Buy it now.
  • 69. Lego Chima: Laval’s Journey (PSVita) I’m not sure who the audience is for this, but it’s not me. I wonder how many kids are into the whole Chima world?
  • 70. Flying Hamster HD (PSVita) Cute game, though I would have enjoyed it more with more continues.


  • 71. Legend of Legaia (PS1) I was really ready for this to end when I finished it.
  • 72. Escape from Monkey Island (PS2) Another great monkey island game. Really enjoyed it.
  • 73. Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1) Resurrected from my old save game pile and finished. Another game that I was really happy to finish and not have to play anymore.
  • 74. Danganronpa 2 (PSVita) Buy this one too!


  • 75. Suikoden 4 (PS2) Not the best Suikoden game, but not awful.
  • 76. 1000 Tiny Claws (PSP Mini) Fun, but gets frustrating when you’re so close to winning, and you get tossed off
  • 77. King of Fighters 13 (PS3) I hate this game. It’s really annoying.
  • 78. A Ride into the Mountains (Android) Short, might be worth playing a little. I was glad it was over though. Hate the controls, would have been better on Vita.
  • 79. Costume Quest 2 (PS4) More of everything that made the first game fun.


  • 18. Doctor Who: Season 7. Pretty good.
  • 19. Gamers: The Hands of Fate. A really impressive movie for something crowd funded. The green screen effects had some glitches, but other than that quite well done.