Didn’t do much reading this month, aside from RSS feeds.


  • 53. Tiny and Big: Grampa’s Leftovers (Linux) Finished. it was pretty short, but entertaining. Though, I kept thinking it was the last battle, then being disappointed when there was more to play.
  • 54. Gone Home (Linux) A bit buggy, though new drivers helped this a bit. interesting to explore and listen to music.
  • 55. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii). Will probably end up on my top 10 rpgs ever.
  • 56. Half Minute Hero (PSP). Hero 30 is great, the rest are a little lackluster, at least until Hero 300, which is really tough and time consuming. 5 minutes per try…
  • 57. Ys: Memories of Celceta (PSVita). The bosses aren’t quite as good as Seven, but the storyline is pretty solid.
  • 58. Metrico (PSVita). Interesting game, a bit tricky.
  • 59. Pixel Miner. (Pebble) Not that interesting. A test of battery life more than anything
  • 60. Megaman X: Command Mission. My new least favorite megaman game.


  • 16. Guardians of the Galaxy. Entertaining.
  • 17. Ender’s game. Interesting deviations, the most interesting of which might be the implications that the ansibles have a range limit, and that FTL travel exists in this universe. The entire book series kind of hinges on the opposite of these two things being true.