• 13. Quantum Vibe Volume 1. and
  • 14. Quantum Vibe Volume 2. This is just a great book all around. It’s a bit on the preachy side, but still a great old-fashioned scifi romp.
  • 15. The Hook. I’m not sure what the point of this was.
  • 16. Roswell, Texas. A bit of a wish fulfillment nightmare scenario.
  • 17. Escape from Terra. Really good, even though it kind of ends in the middle.


  • 49. Mortal Kombat. Strange game…
  • 50. Rocketmen: It Came from Uranus. I forgot how long it’s been since I played this game, but I finally went back and finished the DLC… And it ended on a cliff hanger for another episode that will never come out. Bah.
  • 51. Another World. Fun old 1990’s Amiga game. Not particularly long, but tricky.
  • 52. Valiant Hearts. Go play it.



Something else:

  • 2. Facade. It’s another one of those things that can’t be categorized into one of the above categories. It’s too short to be a book, not interactive enough to be a game, and not visually interesting enough to be a video. It only qualifies as a short story because of the existence of Arthur C Clarke’s story “Quarantine.” and that one was dealing with much more interesting issues than this.