• 12. A Mad Tea Party. Kickstarter is like Christmas scattered throughout the year. You get a random package without remembering that you ordered it months ago on kickstarter. In any case, this one was really quite good. 


  • 45. Walking Dead S1E4. Seemed really long, but was interesting. The ending was pretty brutal.
  • 46. Entwined. Short, a bit challenging.
  • 47. Walking Dead S1E5. So few survivors, especially from the initial group… Next up is 400 days I guess.
  • 48. Walking Dead 400 Days. This one was pretty brutal.


  • 11. Baka & Test. After the last two really heavy series, I was looking for something light and stupid. I was not disappointed. Funny, but still a fairly dumb show.
  • 12. Sherlock Series 3. Very, very interesting.
  • 13. Venture Brothers Season 5. A short season, but full of interesting content. You can’t say this show keeps threads dangling forever, this thing closed off a whole lot of old threads, and opened some new ones in only 8 episodes.
  • 14. Sekirei S1 & S2. After those really two excellent anime series, I needed a sort of inverse pallet cleanser. Something really crummy to remind me of how bad anime can get. Baka and Test was a little bit that, but not enough. Sekirei, on the other hand, fully fits the bill. It has every sort of weird fetishy fan service you might normally get from a show. Attacks that do little aside from shredding clothes, idiotic camera angles just meant to expose and nothing else, and a whole cast of one-dimensional stereotypical harem characters. A lousy premise and a lousy show. 
  • 15. The Lego Movie. Somewhat entertaining.