• 11. The Martian. Excellent book. Everyone with any science knowledge should pick it up. Everyone else too if they can tolerate a little bit of science/engineering talk.


  • 25. Kings Quest 3 (PC/Dos) More entertaining than the last one, but the time limits can get a bit annoying.
  • 25.1. Fez 100% (PSVita) Managed to get all the items.
  • 26. Walking Dead S1E1. (PSVita) A bit intense. Tough for me to go through without wanting to second and third guess everything I do.
  • 27. Frog Fractions. (Web) What a bizarre little game.
  • 28. Infamous 2 (PS3) Not bad. Soon I’ll be ready to go into the new Infamous game. After I finish a couple other things first.
  • 28.1. Doki Doki Universe (PS4/PSVita) Between the two systems, I have all the trophies.
  • 29. King’s Quest 4 (PC/Dos) Another Roberta Williams game, with the cruelties to the player that those always imply.
  • 30. Little Big Planet (PSVita) Second LBP I’ve finished, and the 4th in the series. Not bad, but felt a tiny bit short.
  • 31. Walking Dead S1E2. (PSVita) Continues to be a bit rough for me to get through. I keep wanting to replay sections over and over. Of course, the differences in each episode when it comes to those small decisions isn’t all that large…
  • 32. Quiet Christmas (PSVita/PSM) Nice and short.
  • 33. Infamous: Second Son (PS4) I don’t get what Yahtzee was complaining about. I thought the characters were great and the storyline only a bit more ridiculous than the second game. Each power is largely a reskin, but a reskin with different weights on each action. Missile in neon is slow and tricky to aim, while it’s instant but slow to reach the target on smoke. In video, it’s a laser guided seeker, and concrete’s missile is a spread shot but slow like Smoke. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.
  • 34. Luftrausers (PSVita) This game doesn’t technically have an end, but I’ve set three goalposts for myself. Max level, beating the blimp, and for completion, all missions. I’ve managed the first two of these.
  • 35. Steamworld Dig (PS4) Interesting little game. I’m glad it was short because at 5.75 hours it was starting to get a bit tiresome.
  • 36. Walking Dead S1 Episode 3. Huh.


  • 2. Chaos;Head. I’m not sure what to say about this one. I made sense out of it, but it sure was hard to make sense out of it.
  • 3. South Park Season 17. I just found out that the 10 episodes I watched were all that existed in season 17, so I’m marking it down here as done. I can’t remember if I finished it late last year or early this year, but…
  • 4. Breaking Bad Season 1. This show reminds me of all of the evils of drug prohibition, not the least of which is how it’s hurting chemistry education. Kids used to be able to buy all of these chemicals, glassware, masks, etc for use in home chemistry labs and do experiments on their own. Because of the drug war, not only is that impossible, but even other home products like glass baking dishes have been hobbled and made inferior.
  • 5. Moonphase Series 2. I don’t know if it’s an actual series 2, but it’s the second half of a series that I noted the first half of before. This show is rather screwy. Only in Anime will you find people who think that a reasonable way to hide a vampire and make their pointy fangs seem normal is to dress them up in cat ears as some sort of cosplay. Other than that, it’s nothing all that interesting.
  • 6. Adventure Time Season 2. Pretty good, keeps getting better. Too bad there’s still 78 episodes out that aren’t on DVD yet. Season 3 should be here tomorrow though.

Something else:

  • 1. Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Sanae Episode. (PSVita) What would warrant creating an entirely new section for something that is “Something Else” other than Games, books, or videos? Well, it masquerades as a game for the PSVita and other PSMobile devices. It’s not really a game though. A chicken could manage to make it to the end credits of this thing. Circle-circle-circle-circle. I’m not being facetious like the people who complain about FF13. There’s literally no gameplay to this at all. It’s a visual novel with no branches, decisions, or controls whatsoever. So, should I put it as a book? Not really, at best it’s a very, very small collection of short stories. There’s hardly anything to it. It’s kind of a lame version of Azumanga Daioh. A slice of life sort of thing, where each chapter covers maybe 6-12 pages of comic level dialog. Nothing much to it. But it’s animated, so does it count as a video? Not really. It’s almost entirely still images, no real animation at all. It does have voice acting though. In any case, I can’t recommend it for the price. $3.49 is a bit much for this sort of thing. Hopefully I won’t run into any more of these not-game not-book not-video videogamebook things.