9. Odin Sphere (PS2) Excellent ending, the way it pulls in the menuing system as part of the story.

10. Ibb and Obb (PS3) I am disappointed. It didn’t give me the single player completion trophy even though I finished it all single player. :(

11. Sparkle (PSVita) IHTFG.

12. Muramasa: Genroku Legends: Fishy Tales of the Nekomata. (PSVita) Nice short little addon to Muramasa.

13. Megaman Legends 2 (PS1). Given a bit of polish and more modern game amenities, it could be a good title. As it is, it’s pretty average.

14. Borderlands 2: Tiny TIna’s Assault on Dragon Keep (PS3) This took forever to finish, but it was pretty good.

15. Broken Age 1 (PC): Not bad. Not bad at all. If they keep making games like this I will keep buying them.

16. Torchlight 1 (PC): And now, for the award of second most disappointing ending of the year… Torchlight. Sparkle takes #1. 

17. Machinarium (PSVita). Not bad for a little short game.

18. Space Quest 5 (PC/DOS). It’s the same length as Machinarium! This is the last game I needed to finish off every space quest game. Yay.

19. Strongbad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: 8 Bit is Enough. (PS3) Best entry in the series.

20. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. (PS4) Finally, an uncharted game for PS4. What? It wasn’t an uncharted game? It sure felt like one. :)

21. Stick it to the Man (PSVita). Pretty entertaining, and short little game. Still quite fun, except for the chase sequences. Meh.

22. Fez (PSVita) Quite entertaining and interesting. Fun ideas in this game.

23. South Park: Stick of Truth (PS3) Very good, worth the wait. 

24. King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Throne (PC/DOS). They sure made adventure games differently back then… which is to say, they made much less sense.


1. MacGyver Season 1. I actually remembered a few of the episodes, at least a bit. I never watched it all the way through before though.