• 5. The Road to Oz. Not particularly remarkable?
  • 6. The Emerald City of Oz. Reminds me of all those other authors who got tired of their universes they created and wanted to go on to something else, and futilely tried to write a final story…
  • 7. The Well of Ascension. Decided to read something a bit more … well written? Mature? Interesting? Than the Oz books. It was quite good, and really makes me want to go buy the 3rd book right now…
  • 8. Sunrise Alley. Very interesting near-sf book about evolving intelligence and brain downloading.
  • 9. Soul of the Flame. This book took me AGES to get through. The first 80 pages were just a slog, and the next 100 weren’t much better. The end was worth it though, I read the last 250 pages all in one night. (I bought this book in 1999. I started reading it in 2011. I only just finished it in 2013…)
  • 10. Hero of the Ages. This book is entirely too good… Now I have to get the next one, darn it.


  • 5. Atelier Iris 2. Better than the first in many ways, and the last few chapters were intense.
  • 6. Killzone: Shadow Fall. I think I have my quarterly recommended allowance of shooters now…
  • 7. Cookie Clicker. Meh.
  • 8. Doodle God. Double Meh.


None yet