66. Knack (PS4) Quite a challenging little game. A bit of variety. It’s a lot of fun to see tiny gradual increases lead to a character that dwarfs enemies that used to seem huge.

67. Proteus (PSVita) Not much to say about this one, really. It’s really not a challenge at all to reach the end of it.

68. Flying Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims HD (PSVita) Enjoyable for the most part. A bit brief.

69. Doki-Doki Universe (PS4/PSVita) Very, very cute… That’s all I can really say about it. It’s not so much a game, as a collection of silly little short stories you might tell to a kid, combined with a large personality test and a cutesy email client.

70. Toro’s Friends Network (PSVita) Another cutesy game without much substance. 


30. Spice and Wolf series 2. Still interesting, though it doesn’t seem as action-packed as the last series.

31. Welcome to the N.H.K. If Eden of the East is a NEET power-fantasy, then this is a bit of cold water on the whole idea. The ending was pretty sweet though, even if it’s not entirely a complete or happy ending and it leaves some stuff hanging. I slowly watched the first 11 episodes, then devoured the last 13 in one day because I wanted to reach the ending. The main character has real psychological issues. Paranoia at the very least, and potential schizophrenia. Half of the characters have pretty serious mental health issues really. The main character is pretty much a follower most of the way to the end, not really having any thoughts of his own, but basically taking any idea someone else plants in is head, and running with it to insane extremes. The ending? It really brings up a lot of questions, and gives me some pause about the Hayek/Friedman ideas of universal base income towards the end. 

32. Stargate: Ark of Truth. Finally the end of the season 9-10 arc of SG1…

33. Stargate: Continuum. The end of SG1? Probably, but it was somewhat entertaining. I feel like they’ve tread that ground before, but this is probably a better retelling.