I’m participating in Extralife again on Nov 2nd. Here’s my donation page. http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=50807 All money going to Colorado Children’s Hospital in Denver.

This year, I’m going outside my comfort zone a bit. I had hoped the PS4 would be released before this happened, but it won’t. I don’t want to setup a camera like last time pointed at the screen while I play. I don’t yet have one of those nice Elgato capture cards either. Thus, I need to play games that I can easily capture and stream. 

That’s right, this year I’m playing all PC games. I rarely play them, but I’m on steam so I have piles of them to choose from. My streaming site is http://www.justin.tv/kazriko , and it will begin at 8AM MDT on November 2nd, and will run until 8AM MST on November 3rd. (Note, the MDT to MST transition is intentional. This is 25 hours.) It’ll probably be the dullest and most boring stream ever.

The main game that I plan to play through and finish before doing anything else is Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness 4. This is my challenge game, much like Folklore was last year. If I finish it, I get to move on to other games.

Here’s the list of games I’m considering for the remainder of my time.

Ys Origins. I love this series, and this is the only system to play this particular game on.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. If you want to play this with me, let me know. Preferably a comp-stomp, as I’m mostly a newbie at the game.

Anodyne. Cool looking RPG that I really should try.

The Witcher, Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut. Let me know if you want me to play this, I’ve owned it for awhile and never actually downloaded it.

Torchlight. I’ve dabbled in this, but never finished it.

ClaDun x2. This game would be coming full circle, as I won this from the Playstation Nation/RPGamer raffle last year.

BIT.TRIP RUNNER. I’ve had this since one of the early humble bundles, but never played it. It might be a good action game for the last hours of the stream.

Cave Story+. Another I haven’t even touched.

Evoland. Bought, but never played, Another RPG to throw on the pile.

Space Pirates and Zombies. This one is a lot of fun, but I never get time to play it.

Unreal II. I’ve never played it, despite being completely addicted to the original game.

Final Fantasy XIV. At some point, I may drop over to this, Server Leviathan, username Baktosh Redclaw, if the RPGamer people want to get together for any reason.

If you want to inflict any of these on me, let me know in the donation field and I’ll do my best to get to them. I have others as well, if you want me to check on any particular game, let me know.