• 5. Tales of the Emerald Serpent. Got this ages ago, just got around to reading it. It’s very, very short though. Interesting in how the stories intertwine, especially in the beginning of the book. Lots of characters that link up between the stories.
  • 6. Shadow of Freedom. Whoa, 2 books in one month? Anyway, it was pretty good, though not as good as others in the series. It’s a whole lot of setting up for what follows, with a little bit of action in the middle. 


  • 36. Ascent of Kings (PSVita/PSMobile) Pretty good for a $1 game
  • 37. Castle Invasion (PSVita/PSMobile) Not great for a $0.50 game.
  • 38. The Last of Us (PS3) … So much to say on this, all of it would be spoiling it. Go play.
  • 39. Picbox (PSVita/PSMobile) Been quite a month for finishing PSMobile games. Not much other time to work on games. This is a really standard Picross game with a really limited set of puzzles. I’ve finished them all in the time limit with no mistakes.
  • 40. Muramasa: Rebirth (PSVita) Better than the original. I finished this one in about 15 hours for both characters, now to do what I didn’t accomplish on the Wii version… getting all 108 blades.
  • 41. Patchwork Heroes. (PSP) I think I’m done with this. It was fun, but got very frustrating towards the end.


  • 24. Despicable Me. Entertaining. A bit like wreck it ralph in its message.
  • 25. Psych Season 5. They’ve gotten much better at the product placement this season. The last episode was pretty decent too.