Almost had a book done this month, but was about 25% short of the end.


  • 33. Rymdkapsel (PSVita/PSMobile) Entertaining. It’s a 72 minute game if you know what you’re doing right off. For me, it took 5 tries to beat it, 3 of those tries taking oven an hour. When I finally beat it, I only had 1/5th of my minions left and had only finished exactly the wave I needed to get the win screen.
  • 34. Dragon Quest III (GBC) I think I’m finally burnt out on dragon quest style games for awhile… But this is my last DQ main series game. Hurrah.
  • 35. Quell Memento (PSVita) Tricky at times, but fun. I 100%’d it later in the day with 138 coins remaining. 


  • 22. Psych Season 4. As good as the prior ones, the product placement doesn’t stick out quite as much as it did in season 3.
  • 23. Wreck It Ralph. Huh, didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.