• Another month where I’m too (la|bu)zy to read a book.


  • 25. Dragon Fantasy Book 1. (PSVita) Pretty good for a tiny little indie game. Faithfully replicates the experience of Dragon Quest, without being long enough to be annoying. 
  • 26. Jetpack Joyride. (PSVita) Fun, but it got annoying how it kept rebooting my Vita towards the end. Ended up with 6 badges in it, all awards, all trophies.
  • 27. Guacamelee! (PSVita) One of the hardest games that I’ve played recently… Still need to get the platinum for this. 2/6 on mask pieces.
  • 28. Candybox (Linux/Web) Short, entertaining. Took 5 days of playing off and on to finish.
  • 29. Thomas was alone (PSVita) Entertaining. Good story.
  • 30. Quiet, Please! (PSVita/PSMobile) Maybe an hour, but entertaining for a short adventure game.
  • 31. Jacob Jones ep 1 (PSVita) Pretty solid. Touch controls a bit annoying.
  • 32. Final Fantasy 6 (GBA) Earning a solid place at #4 in my top 5 mainline FF games.


  • 19. Battle for Terra. Someone saw Avatar and thought they could make their own version.
  • 20. Hotel Transylvania. Entertaining. Didn’t even know it was Genndy Tartakovsky until the credits. 
  • 21. Psych Season 3. Continues to be the best Sherlock Holmes derived show on TV. (As long as you don’t count medical ones.) Really prefer the way they highlight the clues for you so you have at least a modest chance of keeping up.