Clifford Unchained: "Deal With It"


Yesterday reports that Adam Orth, the guy who somehow caused this shitstorm, is no longer at Microsoft.

Let’s pay attention to the wording here. Resigned. Not fired.

Now, beyond all of the use of the impact font and the “Haha let’s make an internet meme out of this guy we’ve never met” let’s…

I have no problem with the guy personally, but his argument was pretty weak. I don’t agree with the people reveling in his resignation.

Though, when games are universally always-online and you can’t play them offline… That’s when I stop buying new games and just stick to my 200+ game backlog, and start buying old games at trade shows. That’s when I’m going to stick to the handful of developers who still get it, and hope that the rest of the clueless industry’s companies die a horrible death as a lesson to those who will come later.

I think that’s a ways off however. From the looks of the PS4 patents, the PS4 at least shouldn’t require such idiocy.