Last year’s status: 8 Books, 43 games, 113 Videos. The goal is to grow the first category and shrink the last one this year… So far, I’m not really meeting this goal, but that should improve when my netflix disc account finally ends in february.


  • 1. .Hack//Another Birth, Volume 1. Pretty entertaining, seeing the story from another perspective. Though, that will only be the case for the first book as I never finished the other 3 games.
  • 2. Azumanga Daioh Omnibus. I’m not sure what people see in this, I found it a bit bland aside from the rare island cat bit. The characters are interesting, but that’s about it.
  • 3. .Hack//Another Birth, Volume 2. This book seemed to fly by. It could stand to be longer. Though, every time I read one of these .hack books, I want to go pick the series up again and play it.


  • 1. Corpse Party (PSP) Interesting, though depressing.
  • 2. Wind Waker (GC) After taking a 9.5 year break because I was stuck, I load it up and finish it in one night. That’s #1 down on my goal of finishing all my Gamecube games.
  • 3. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Just when you think a series of games couldn’t get more depressing, they find a way to make it much worse. It’s focus is different, and it’s a better visual novel than the first game, but much less a game than the first one.
  • 4. Unfinished Swan (PSN) Short, but pretty good. 


  • 1. Big Bang Theory Season 5. Still drifting away from its roots. 
  • 2. Mars Daybreak. Really odd that they’d set this show on Mars. Pretty generic though.
  • 3. Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi. A bit meh. More haremy fanservice type stuff, with occasional good moments.
  • 4. Tokyo Godfathers. This was really, really good. I should expect that from Satoshi Kon though.
  • 5. The Secret World of Arriety. Good, but a bit depressing.
  • 6. Tales from Earthsea. I get what people are saying about this and its dissimilarity to other ghibli titles, but I still thought it was decent. Also depressing though.
  • 7. Summer Wars. Wow… So corny, sappy, etc… But it’s just so great. I can’t believe I’ve found two such excellent movies in one month. I thought Tokyo Godfathers was great, but this one really tops it.
  • 8. Spice and Wolf season 1. Great show, but only merits maybe 4.5 stars from me. Lots of merchant, currency devaluation, and church politics stuff made it interesting though.
  • 9. Memories. The first one was really the only one about memories. The second? blah blah blah military secrets blah blah. The third? Thinly veiled look at Nazi style societies. The first was decent though…
  • 10. Monster (Naoki Urashima’s) Volume 1. The first 15 episodes were interesting, the 16th one took it to a place I didn’t want it to go… Future ones will be trickier because they’re only on amazon and hulu.