I was lazy again and didn’t finish any more books.


42: Zone of Enders HD (PS3) 12/4

43: Persona 4 Golden (PSVita) 12/26


104: Doctor Who: Ghostlight. Kinda interesting?

105: Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric. Actually very interesting how it looped around. 

106: Doctor Who: Survival. The original series kinda goes out with a whimper…

107: Doctor Who: The Movie. It’s too bad they didn’t turn this into a real series, because it would have been entertaining. It gets a lot of stuff wrong, but still…

108: Demon City Shinjuku. Terrible… But not as terrible as the next one:

109: Puni Puni Poemy. Agh. If I would have watched this when I was starting to get back into Anime, I think I would have quit watching anime right then.

110: Stargate SG1 Season 8. Most of it gets wrapped up as they gear up for the new Atlantis show. 

111: Stargate Atlantis Season 1. Interesting… Especially the time loop episodes.

112: Big Bang Theory Season 3. It starts drifting from its origins, but still entertaining.

113: Big Bang Theory Season 4. More drifting…

With this, I’m approaching the end of all of the stuff I was watching on the disc-based netflix site. I have 2 more ongoing series where I’m waiting for the last discs, but after that I’ll probably decrease my video watching dramatically.