P4G finished!

Final Social Link Status is… 18 Maxed, 4 not maxed, 1 not started.

Going to do at least 1 more pass on this game. I missed some of the quests because I didn’t get to the bug catching and fishing early enough. That’s what held up Hermit, for example. I’m really happy that they gave you another month in January in this version. I was able to finish up Lovers, Moon, Hierophant, and Hanged Man because of it. 


Fool: Max

Judgement: Max

Star: Max


Chariot: Max (Dated)

Magician: Max

Priestess: Max

Lovers: Max

Fortune: Max

Hermit: 9

Emperor: 5


Empress: Max

Hierophant: Max

Justice: Max

Strength: Max

Hanged: Max

Devil: Max

Moon: Max

Sun: Max (Ayane)

Jester: Max

Aeon: Max

Tower: 6

Death: 1

Temperance: 0


All but 15, 60, 62, 63, 67, 68, 69 finished. 62/69

39 out of 50 trophies.

The ending of this was so good. Much better than P3P’s ending. They even worked in a mention of P4A into it in the true ending.