Much noise has been made lately about Kickstarter and failed projects therein. I figured I’d go ahead and look at the ones I’d backed, and what I’ve gotten from them so far.

Doublefine Adventure. 3/13. $30 I’ve gotten a number of nice videos to watch, though I have no time to watch them. game is still being produced. They missed their estimated delivery date, but understandable because of how much their budget went up. 

Order of the Stick Reprint, 2/21. $15 I’ve gotten all my items from this, and nearly everyone has gotten their physical items. The author injured his hand though, so the digital stuff is being delayed…

Code Hero, 2/24 $14. No real communications, no idea if this one will pan out or not. 

Gastrophobia Volume 2. 3/14 $15. Got the book, the PDF, and the pin. 

Wasteland 2. 4/17 $15. Due date is still almost a year out, so no comments here.

College Ruled Universe, aka Ballpoint Universe. 4/7 $6. Received the print, they have demos up. They missed their due date, but they’re not doing badly. 

Tales of the Emerald Serpent. 4/18 $5. Received ebooks, all is well. 

Pebble e-paper watch. 5/18 $115. They missed their due date, but good communications. Hoping for this before March next year. 

Two Guys Spaceventure. 6/12. $75. Decent communication, though they’ve been a little quiet for awhile. They’ve started sending out shirt surveys. Still 2 months left in their deadline. 

Quest for Infamy. 6/6. $10. Their deadline is this month, no idea if they’ll hit it or not. Demos out, but I haven’t tried em.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate. 9/7, $25. They seem to be doing well on filming this. It’s not due out for 9 months though.

Liftport. 9/13 $1. I’m not expecting anything from it, just a dollar in the tip jar. :)

Project Eternity, 10/16 $20. Their due date is way out, so *shrug*

Sportsfriends, 12/10 $15. Due date is way out.

So, 3 are late, but I think they’ll pull through and have delivered some stuff already. 3 delivered everything I wanted. One is late and probably won’t deliver. The rest are way, way out.

Not too terrible so far.