Whoops, didn’t actually finish any books this month. Tried to get into a couple, but…


36: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PSVita) 11/1 Platinum!

37: Rayman Origins (PSVita) 11/8

38: Picross 3D (DS) 11/9

39: Arc the Lad (PS1/PSVita) 11/13

40: Ratchet and Clank: Up your arsenal HD (PS3) 11/16

41: Suikoden 1 (PS1/PSVita) 11/20


Actually, a pretty slow video month. Mostly just grinding down the last of old Doctor Who now that they’re reliably available on Netflix. Only 5 discs left!

97: Doctor Who: Time and the Rani. Interesting, but *shrug*

98: Doctor Who: Paradise Towers. Actually a pretty good episode.

99: Doctor Who: Delta and the Bannermen. I almost fell asleep during this one.

100: Doctor Who: Rememberence of the Daleks. I don’t remember much about it. ;)

101: Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis. Wasn’t too bad, a bit amusing.

102: Doctor Who: Battlefield. Dipping its toes into the Arthur/Excalibur myths, and making them inter-dimensional combatants…

103: Big Bang Theory season 2. Kind of jarring how they get rid of the medical doctor character so quickly in this season…