• 9. Mistborn. Excellent book, I really want to go find the sequel now.


  • 33. Assassin’s Creed. A bit draggy and touchy at times, but it was enjoyable enough. I’ll get to the second one sometime here.
  • 34. Disgaea 3. Still one of the better tactical rpgs. I like 4 better though.
  • 35. Folklore. I marathoned this for Extralife this year. Great game, better than I thought it would be.

I also platinumed R&C1 and R&C2 HD.

Finished Zero Escape 2: Virtue’s Last Reward as well, but did it after midnight today, so it’ll count next month.


Since I dropped netflix streaming and am only using Amazon Prime and Netflix by Mail, I haven’t watched as much this month. Still quite a few things though.

  • 90: Kino’s Journey. One of the best anime series I’ve watched in a very long time. Quite a bit of wisdom in it. On amazon prime.
  • 91: World of Narue. A weird wish-fulfillment sort of comic. Not terrible I suppose.
  • 92: Indian Summer, however, is terrible. Worst anime I’ve seen in months.
  • 93: Doctor Who: Trial of a Timelord. 14 episode long epic, uneven in parts, but with a good ending. With that, I’m done with Doctor #6.
  • 94: Puss in Boots. Not as good as the Shrek movies, but not bad.
  • 95: Kung Fu Panda. Actually, a pretty good movie.
  • 96: Stargate SG1: Season 7. A pretty interesting season. Amazon Prime.