7. Redshirts. An excellent book, picks at the old Star Trek style of disposable characters.

8. Fight club. I’m not a fan of nihilism, and this book is a story of the descent into insanity and nihilism for an insomniac with multiple personalities. I think the movie was a bit better.


28. Trainyard (Full version) Fun, but after finishing it I had little motivation to do the bonus puzzles.

29. Ratchet and Clank HD. Mostly played with my 4-year old watching. It’s good for that.

30. Persona 4 Arena. Just the story mode. Really, really good storyline. I’m not much of a fighter player, but that part seemed fun as well.

31. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando HD. Also played with the 4-year old.

32. Persona 3 Portable. The very first SMT RPG that I’ve finished. Definitely worth playing. Eventually I’ll get around to playing the ending properly. I kind of rushed through it just to see if I was powerful enough to finish it at that point. The final boss was a pushover with my characters in the 85+ range.


84. Stargate SG1: Season 6. I thought I posted about this before, but this was the season that made me think that the humans in the series are a bunch of jerks. Thankfully later ones are a bit better.

85. Sherlock Season 2. The first two episodes were still pretty entertaining. Again, the 3rd episode centered on Moriarty, and was substandard.

86. Doctor Who: Daleks Revolution. Meh.

87. Surrogates. Entertaining idea where humans abandon their normal bodies and live through androids. 

88. Alice in Wonderland. Very silly, strange how they pull in random things from the original author’s work and mash them all together.

89. Speed Grapher. A bit sad, but a decent enough ending. Shades of the “Eyes Wide Shut” movie.