I may be looking at finishing my very first Shin Megami Tensei games. I’ve always appreciated them, but found it hard to play them all the way to the end. I’m now about 40 in-game days away from the ending, and feeling pretty good about it.

I’m surprised at how many social links I was able to finish, given that I didn’t have any grasp on the optimal way to get them all.

Automatic Links:

  1. Death Max
  2. Fool Rank 9

Date Links:

  1. Strength Rank Max
  2. Hermit Rank Max
  3. Justice Rank Max
  4. Lovers Rank 3
  5. Priestess Rank 2

Misc links:

  1. Magician Rank Max
  2. Emperor Rank Max
  3. Chariot Rank Max
  4. Fortune Rank Max
  5. Hanged Rank Max
  6. Temperence Rank 9
  7. Moon Rank 9
  8. Devil Rank 7
  9. Hierophant Rank 5
  10. Sun Rank 4
  11. Tower Rank 4

Not Started:

  1. Empress
  2. Aeon
  3. Star

So I’ve already maxed out 8 of the links. (Not counting the automatic ones)

9 are only partially done, but I think I’m going to pick up at least 4 more of the misc ones. There’s 3 I haven’t started yet, but my goal is to max at least 2 of those out and abandon the other. (It’ll be tough to get Aeon and Empress maxed, so I’ve pretty much abandoned getting Sun, Hierophant, Lovers, Star, and Priestess for this run. I’ll catch them first on the second pass when I feel like doing one.)

(Oddly, I had more fun doing the Elizabeth date quests than any of the social link ones…)