• None. Still working on Mistborn on paperback.


  • 19: Uncharted: Golden Abyss 8/1 (Platinum 8/12) Probably the 3rd best Uncharted game yet.
  • 20: Trainyard Express (Android) 8/2 (Including all bonus puzzles, 8/4) Not bad. A puzzle game that borders on programming a bit.
  • 21: PA:OTRSPOD3 (PC) 8/3 Not terrible. Not quite as much fun as the first two.
  • 22: Commander Keen 1(PC) 8/10 Old, hard, and short.
  • 23: Bastion (PC) 8/11 I lost interest several times during this game, but I still recommend it overall.
  • 24: Touch my Katamari (Vita) 8/16 Unfortunately, I don’t recommend this one. The last level just doesn’t compare to the last level of prior Katamari games.
  • 25: Motorstorm RC (Vita) 8/17 Fun but frustrating
  • 26: Sound Shapes (Vita) 8/18 (Platinum 8/21) Very, Very good game. Highly recommended.
  • 27: Pathpix (Android) 8/20 (Advanced puzzles 8/27) A useful timewaster. 


  • 77. Ghost Hound Season 2. Wraps everything up neatly, I really enjoyed this show, but it’s maybe a 4* rated thing, not really a 5.
  • 78. Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani. Mildly entertaining. The 6th doctor’s absurd buffoonery is actually fun.
  • 79. The Dark Knight. Give that I missed Batman Begins, this was still a pretty entertaining movie.
  • 80. Doctor Who: The Two Doctors. I have to say, this is one of the better multi-doctor crossovers. Sadly, this isn’t saying much.
  • 81. Doctor Who: Timelash. a little silly, but entertaining.
  • 82. Doctor Who: The Five Doctors. Meh.
  • 83. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Missed this in the theater, it’s pretty solid though.