I started on a paper book, so I didn’t end up getting it finished before the end of the month.


16. Rochard. Interesting puzzle platformer, held back by its insistence on shooting areas.

17. Ys Seven. Great action RPG. Reminds me a lot of Amalur.

18. Breath of Death 7. This is the sort of RPG I would probably make if I made one. It’s not really BAD, but it’s also not really good. It has massive amounts of subtle and overt references to the genre in it.

Platinumed: Hotshots Golf, Gravity Rush.

I actually finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss too, but that was 2 hours into August…


62. Doctor Who: The Awakening. The civil war reenactors really took it too far…

63. The Pentagon Wars. Epic, it’s not meant to be a comedy, but it becomes that though the absurdity of the Pentagon’s weapons testing program.

64. The Blues Brothers. I can now say that I get far more references that I hear on music radio bumpers. The whole show was an exercise in saying “Oh, so that’s where that reference came from.”

65. Doctor Who: Frontios. The end of time, the last few survivors of humanity…

66. Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks. More Davros… *shrug*

67. Man bites dog. Stupid violent, and not even in the good way that A Clockwork Orange was stupid violent.

68. Doctor Who: Planet of Fire. This didn’t make an impression on me at all, but it is just setting it up for the end of the 5th doctor and introducing the 6th doctor’s companion.

69. Stargate SG1 Season 4. Interesting. Not sure what to say other than that.

70. Sleeper. It’s a rather clever show. Keystone cops in the dystopian future.

71. Stargate SG1 Season 5. The whole thing starts to pick up, and looks a bit bleak…

72. Ghost Hound. Reminds me a little of Lain, and Kamichu.

73. Doctor Who: Caves of the Androzani. The doctor sacrifices himself for his new companion, giving us the very odd 6th doctor.

74. Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma. Buffoonery from the 6th doctor.

75. Lupin the 3rd, Castle of Cagliostro. Actually a really amusing movie. I’ve been holding off on it for ages.

76. Strait Jacket. What a depressing show.