6. Moon Flower. Just like the other Hogan book I’ve read recently, he takes the US society and makes it into a straw-man dystopia so that he can show how much better his other society he’s showing is. Not a whole lot of action in the book, but it is decent.


12. Resistance: Burning Skies. Mercifully short. Got the platinum and traded it in.

13. Asura’s Wrath. Also pretty short, but decent. Unusual at the same time.

14. Muramasa: The Demon Blade. I’ve had this on my game shelf for 3 years and just managed to get back to it. Only about 20 hours of game here, but it’s fun. Only problem is that it seems to give me repetitive strain injuries to play it… Though, not as bad as Asura’s Wrath on that count.

15. Gravity Rush. Aside from the annoying targeting and touch screen controls, it’s pretty good. Really rather short, but a new interesting idea in gaming with a fun story and very interesting world.


47. Monk Final Season. It improves, but unfortunately it still has lots of embarrassing Monk Being Monkish episodes that should have been greatly reduced for this last season. The last two episodes were interesting, but annoying at the same time for what they said about the character…

48. House, Final Season. Interesting, but probably the worst season of the show despite two of the best new characters.

49. Stargate SG1 Season 3. Decent enough, Finally get to see what has the Asgard so scared.

50. Shaun the Sheep Season 2. Good. Not much to say other than that.

51. The Secret of Kells. A very good show about vikings, and their raids on christian abbeys and monasteries. Also, about irish folklore and the tying into the making of the Book of Kells.

52. Angel Beats. An unexpectedly good anime. I suppose that’s because I resorted my list and put the higher rated shows towards the top, but from the premise I was expecting something completely different.

53. Devil hunter Yohko. This anime, by contrast, was even worse than expected.

54. Doctor Who: The Mawdryn Dead. Mediocre.

55. Doctor Who: Terminus. Interesting, but not really great.

56. Solaris. Meh.

57. Doctor Who: Enlightenment. Meh.

58. Doctor Who: The King’s Demons. Interesting. Another Master episode.

59. Blue Seed: Beyond. Meh.

60. Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep. At this point, I’m watching the series out of morbid curiosity about how far off the rails it’s going to go.

61. Magical Witch Punie-Chan. Amusing thing about veggies peeling themselves, but the whole show is just dark under a cutesy facade. Intentionally dark too. The title sequence has cities on fire, plagues, wars, and gladiator arenas in the intro with the main character dancing and skipping happily through them.