2. Books of Skyrim. Argh, did this ever take a long time to finish… It’s just so… boring in sections.

3. Mission of Honor. More and more threads finally coming together in the Honor Harrington series.

4. Much Fall of Blood. The new characters in this are even more entertaining than the old ones. more interesting than the last one, “This Rough Magic”

5. Lost at Sea. Meandering and lost for about 2/3rds of the book, then it finally comes into focus and gets good. I think that’s intentional.

Games. 11. Kingdoms of Amalur. Very good. Combat was great at the start, great at the end, the enemies started to become damage sinks a bit too much in the middle, but it got better. Great lore and world. Too bad the company fell apart.


36. Haibane Renmei. Pretty interesting, but very slow, while simultaneously being quite short.

37. Big Bang Theory Season 1. Interesting, but it mostly ends up laughing at nerds rather than with them.

38. Baldr Force EXE. Rather gruesome…

39. Doctor who: Time Flight. Kinda meh.

40. Familiar of Zero. They call it a harem anime, but that part seemed to be less important than the plot.

41. Doctor Who: Arc of Infinity. At this point, I’m not sure why I keep watching the series.

42. Dune Miniseries. I’ve never sat through the whole dune book in any form before.

43. Megamind. Mildly entertaining.

44. Children of Men. *shrug* dooom dooooom dooom war people being mean to illegal immigrants tyranny doooooom.

45. Doctor Who: Snakedance. Ok, so this one was a little better than the last two.

46. Negima?! A bit absurd, and definitely too harem-ish for me. The plot was a bit flat.