Someday… SOMEDAY I’ll finish Books of Skyrim.


10. Hotshots Golf: International. Quite fun. I’m stuck at about 460th in the world so far…


25. Twelve Kingdoms. Quite an interesting series. A bit libertarian by the end, even though it can be a slog towards the beginning.

26. True Tears. Good, but annoying at the same time.

27. Doctor Who: Black Orchid. Cricket, and old time british explorers.

28. Doctor Who: Earthshock. They were trying to be all edgy and dramatic by killing off a character in this, but it was kind of flat.

29. The Black Cauldron. Interesting. Went really fast, about like watching the Dragons Lair 2 game.

30. Doctor Who: The Visitation. I don’t remember much about it…

31. Sherlock Series 1. Pretty good, up until the end of the last episode. That was terr-i-ble.

32. Strike Witches. Urgh. I hate shows that lean on lack of clothes like this one.

33. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. Meh. Pseudoscientific nonsense.

34. Witchblade. Really interesting actually.

35. A place promised in our early days. Interesting. Alternate worlds.