I still haven’t worked my way through the Skyrim book, but I’m about 7/10ths of the way through.


8. Journey. Worth getting. Really. Go buy it now.

9. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Excellent game, a side scroller like Rayman Origins, mashed up with Katamari Damacy.


14. Stargate SG1 Season 2. Pretty good.

15. Vexille. Quite interesting. Like Ghost in the Shell, but less optimistic…

16. Gunslinger Girl Season 2. Still as creepy a concept as ever. Focuses even more on the villians.

17. Doctor Who: The Visitation. Aliens attacking humans. Interesting twist ending. Just like the later one where Doctor Who visits right before vesuvius.

18. Sherlock Season 1. Very good, aside from the ending of the 3rd episode.

19. Gunbuster. Another one of those ever expanding scale mecha shows, very rapid and short, but not really that great.

20. The Road to El Dorado. Pretty good. Plot holes you can drive a semi through.

21. Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday. I think I mentioned this one before.

22. Dragons Lair 2. I watched this instead of playing it. After watching it, I don’t know how anyone could finish the darn thing. too fast and chaotic.

23. Blackjack. I went in expecting medical puzzles, and instead got mysticism, radical environmentalism, and lots of supporting the small country dictator.

24. Doctor Who: Kinda. Meh.