I really didn’t get much done this month… Other than work. Maybe the Vita is partially to blame. ;)


None, not quite done with “Books of Skyrim”


6. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Pretty standard layton game, but the twist at the end was really good.

7. Final Fantasy 13-2. Great game, but I hate cliffhanger endings… Still a bit to do on this one.


9. We are the Strange. Terrible. 3 minutes of coherent story jam packed in a 60+ minute film with liberal use of surreality and Sinistar audio tracks.

10. Doctor Who: Logopolis. Oh look, the doctor visits a place that is theoretically holding the universe together, and the master ends up popping in and nearly destroys the universe…

11. Doctor Who: Castrovalva. Against my better judgement, I started on the 5th doctor’s stuff. The master again. Meh.

12. Futurama, 6th series. Pretty good for themost part.

13. Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Schitzophrenic. A different art style and a parody of a new type of fiction every episode. Somewhat entertaining.