Just one,

1. Kaspar’s Box. Yet another Chalker book I’m highly disappointed in. At first it felt like I was reading a very interesting book in the vein of The Wizard of Karres. By the end though, the whole thing just fizzles out and crashes into a complete and dull non-ending.


Ridiculous numbers of them.

1. Rage. Took a break from Skyrim to plow through this one, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

2. Solatorobo. I’ve been working on this one for months, it really works well as a bite-sized game where you can do 15-20 minutes here and there.

3. Skyrim. Terrible, but so broad and tapping into those MMO-esque addictive quest acquisition urge.

4. FF3. Knocked this out in a few days after I finished half of it years ago.

5. Mecho Wars. Almost doesn’t count as it’s a PSN Mini title… but it’s really quite good.


1. Bubblegum Crisis. I hate going back to old anime like this, it seems so lousy even if it was good at the time.

2. Kimagure Orange Road. Cheesy old japanese sitcom anime. Nice to see the rest of a series I watched a decade and a half ago. Or most of the rest, netflix doesn’t have the first 3 dvds…

3. Doctor Who: The E-Space Trilogy. Not terrible.

4. Doctor Who: Keeper of Traken. Eh? It’s ok.

5. Futurama series 5/6: mostly OK.

6. Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive. Another forgettable old Doctor Who episode.

7. Stargate SG1 Season 1: Pretty good…

8. Kick-ass. A decent movie, better than expected.