It’s already been an incredibly productive month for games.

Rage was the first game I finished a few weeks ago. I was frustrated at Skyrim for being so buggy, so I took a break and plowed through this one. Just about 17 hours from start to finish.

The second was Solatorobo. I’ve been working on it for several months. It’s an ideal game for bite sized gaming sessions, usually just a half hour or so before I go to sleep. Ultimately took just over 20 hours to finish both chapters, and another 2 hours for some additional content. There’s actually another 2 missions and lots of optional stuff left undone though.

Finally, after 130 hours Skyrim is done. At least the main quest line. I probably put another 10-15 hours in that were lost because of crashes though… Of course, I still have quests to do… 3 of the guild quests are either unstarted, or unfinished. Still have a civil war to finish.

That puts me at 3 games for January already, more than I finished January last year…

If I’m lucky, I’ll get FF3 finished before the end of the month as well.