Not going to be much of a post for december of 2011… But the year end total? 22 books, 22 games, and 96 video series/movies/etc.

Books: Nada. Half-way through Kaspar’s Box though.

Games: None. Played a lot of Skyrim, solatorobo, and Bastion, but didn’t finish any of them.


90. Lost in Space. Interesting update of the original…

91. Outlaw Star. I’m not really happy with this series. I probably would have been if I watched it back when it was on TV though… I’ve gotten tired of some of the anime tropes it uses.

92. 12:01. A time loop like Groundhog’s day. 18 hours over and over. They didn’t even try for an optimal ending though, they broke the loop on quite a sub-optimal one…

93. Doctor Who: Creature from the Pit. It was OK.

94. Doctor Who: Horns of Nimon. Another OK one.

95. Doctor Who: Season 6. Quite good, interesting ending. Unexpected.

96: Doctor who: The City of Death. Multiple Mona lisa and Leonardo Dvinci…