Mostly gift cards this year, but happily $70 of the gift cards were PSN. Picked up Corpse Party for $20, Trine 2 for $15, Assassin’s Creed 2 bundle for $13, and Red Dead Redemption bundle for $25. Also received a copy of Rage, which I’m sure I’ll find entertaining. I ended up passing on the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood $25 bundle, and the Borderlands $15 bundle. I need to see if AC is good first, and I have Borderlands already on Steam.

The downside to getting PSN downloadable games though is how long they take to download and install. I started the process last night, and 24 hours later it still hasn’t downloaded all 4 of my bits of software. RDR is 8.3 gigs and I just started installing it around 15 minutes ago, it’s at 45%. Sony really needs to beef up their server network somehow. Maybe setup some CDNs.

Lastly, $75 in Best Buy cards, and a string of USB LED lights. That puts me half-way to replacing my wireless headphones that broke this year.

KEXO ran some old radio shows this year. We found them entertaining enough that I went and bought a collection of Abbot and Costello shows. $5 for 50 shows. 10 cents each for a half hour of audio. Pretty good bargain, really. Fun listening to the quaint Cigarette commercials in the middle of the shows.