20. One Jump Ahead. Mark L Van Name. Quite interesting, showing a mercenary sort of character’s thought processes as he works through a way to swindle a government and two mega corporations to get what he wants and rescue a girl…


19. Resistance 3. Pretty good, better than 2. I think I like the pseudo-regeneration in 1 better than the pure medkit style of 3. Story is derivative, but fits with the universe.

20. Microbot. Not the best game, but a good diversion. I still have 3 silver trophies to go in it though.


67. Clannad After Story. Every time I watch one of these shows with a VN attached, I want to play the VN. Too bad they just aren’t released here at all…

68. Farscape Season 3. Always an interesting series.

69. Farscape Season 4. Quite a season to end the series on.

70. The Black Cat. Exactly what you’d expect from a Shonen Jump anime.

71. Doctor Who: Underworld. Really, really cheesy.

72. The Book of Eli. Fun post-apoc thing. The ending was an amusing twist.

73. Doctor Who: The Invasion of Time. The sequel to the one where the doctor ends up becoming president. It’s better than that one though.

74. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. Ties up most loose ends. Pretty good. Fakes you out though the way it skips around. Lots of main characters perish, just like Serenity.