I noticed I had 1700 spam messages in my box so I thought I’d do a quick sift through them like I do randomly. As usual, filtering out a handful of addresses I no longer use killed 2/3rds of it, and much of the remainder was addresses that have never existed. Maybe 60 messages were things that weren’t spam.

During the sift, I found two more companies that either lost track of my email address, or sold it though.

Pro Flowers is the first. not a huge volume of messages, about 20, but still… A pretty big company. I was rather disappointed by their product, so I doubt I’ll buy from them anyway.

And of all companies, Wells Fargo seems to have lost control of an address I gave them. Same 20 messages were directed at the WF specific email address I setup. Should I change it and see if the spammers find the new address? Hmmm.

Another amusing one that probably isn’t a sale, but more likely someone hacking the site. Curse client that many WoW users use, I signed up for an account to test that it was working for the Stepmom. The email address I used for that? 8 attempts at phishing accounts for various MMOs…