Just one,

19: Bolos - Last Stand. Pretty good collection of Bolo stories. I’ve barely read the series and now I want to go find more.


Too busy this month for games. :(


56. Children of Dune. I’ve never been much into this series, but it wasn’t terrible.

57. Kamichu!. Very cute, though awfully cargo-cultish when it comes to the Poverty god.

58. Negima!. Interesting… Odd ending.

59. Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy. Meh. Notable only because it introduced K9.

60. Niea7. Interesting, but never really went anywhere. The episodes just kinda blur together with scarcely any plot or plot resolution, like a US made sitcom.

61. The Philadelphia Experiment. Decent. Everyone’s too trigger-happy though with messed up priorities.

62. Watchmen. Interesting. I think a large portion of it is exactly like one of the main characters. A Rorschach test.

63. Doctor Who: Image of Fendahl. So-so, but better than the invisible enemy.

64: Shin Chan: Season 1. Filled in all the gaps from when I was recording this off Cartoon Network.

65: Eden of the East, The King of Eden. Actually quite a good movie.

66: This is Spinal Tap. Meh.