Every once in awhile I get excited to hear about one of my old PS2 games getting re-released for another system. Just recently, Persona 4 was announced for PSVita. I always get briefly excited for a decrease in the number of games I need to finish before I get rid of my old, obsolete PS2 system and its clunky memory cards. Then I look at the mountain of games still incomplete for the system and despair. Persona 4 represents maybe 60-80 hours of gameplay taken off my plate, but I still have hours upon hours of games to complete.

It’s really too bad that Sony took the BC out of the PS3. I certainly hope it comes back in the PS4. This is really getting out of hand.

  • Atelier Iris 2 and 3. Perhaps 80 hours between them
  • Devil Summoner 1 and 2. 60-100 hours.
  • Final Fantasy 12. I’ve finished 80 hours, probably 20-40 to go.
  • Gladius, 40 hours
  • GrimGrimoire, 20 hours
  • Growlanser Generations, 30 hours
  • Gundam MS Saga, 40 hours
  • Jade Cocoon 2, 30-40 hours
  • La Pucelle Tactics, 20+ hours
  • Makai Kingdom, 33+ hours
  • Megaman X Command Mission, 20-30 Hours
  • Odin Sphere, 30 hours
  • Okami, maybe half to go, 15-40 hours?
  • Rogue Galaxy, 80 hours
  • Soul Nomad, 30 hours
  • Steambot Chronicles, 30 hours
  • Suikoden 4 and 5, 60-80 hours
  • Wild Arms 3 and 5, 60-80 hours
  • Vexx, 15 hours
  • Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, 30 hours.

Total: 750-880 hours.

That’s about 5 months working 40 hour weeks to play everything I’ve amassed as a PS2 game that I haven’t replicated on a more modern platform. Insanity… There’s still a chance that some of them will see a re-release. La Pucelle in particular, since there was one in Japan. Many of these have nearly no chance of a release on a more modern system though.

I imagine that my collection of Wii games (Muramasa, Zach and Wiki and Little King’s Story) and GBA collection (Breath of Fire 2, Advance Wars 2) would take a lot less time to completely finish. It’s probably larger than my DS or PSP collections as well individually, as I burn through those a bit faster than PS2 games. I would worry about this less if I had a modern system that could play them, but I’m relying on a clunky old PS2 Slim and I’m not sure how long they’ll still be for sale in the US. Maybe I should grab another one.

Maybe I need to stop collecting 40+ hour niche RPGs… :(