Did some updates to the old site here. (This applies to the Socia site, not the kazriko2.tumblr.com one.)

Home page is now all of the blog entries from newest to oldest instead of a list of profiles. This was to make the next step a bit easier.

There’s now 2 new domains attached here. kazriko.us and kazriko.com. All so I can easily give out web links.

While I was creating a new domain, I took Gandi.net up on their offer of a free ssl certificate. Now the login and signup screens force you over to SSL when you click them.

I’m not sure when, but I think I’m going to remove nearly all of the tabs in this thing. I use Blogs and Bookmarks, but the Photos, tribes, tweets, and swaps have gotten no use at all. If I’m stripping this way down, maybe I should find a more mainstream blogging program. Otherwise I’ll need to rebuild the site anyway when the Pinax group finishes whatever it is they’re doing. Of course, I don’t think I really want one based on PHP at all…