I’m really late posting this, haven’t had much time this month to do much of anything. Only thing I did much of was videos, because I can run those while I do other things.


17: The Rolling Stones. One of Heinlein’s juvenile books. Quite good, I miss this sort of optimism in scifi.

18: One Day on Mars. Argh, it’s so hard to figure out who to root for in this. I like the leadership on one side, but their rank and file are a bunch of psychotic zealots. I like the rank and file of the other side, but their leaders are a bunch of Triangulating idiot poll-watchers.


17: Limbo. Not bad. I doubt I’ll ever get the last 2 trophies though.

18: Beyond Good and Evil. Good first part, mediocre second part. Fun on the 3rd part, the final boss was a bit of a headache though.


44: Equilibrium. This actually goes with June, but I forgot it. Very farenheit 451.

45: D&D: Wraith of the Dragon God. Meh. The gamerz ones are better.

46: The Island. Yet another cautionary tale about big bad scientists and their experiments. Mostly an excuse for vehicle chases and gun fights.

47: Doctor Who: The Robots of Death. A little bit argh-inducing. Basically boils down to “any society that relies on robots gets destroyed by them.” bleh.

48: Sunshine. Interesting. Could have been better, but still interesting.

49: Talons of Weng Chiang. After two irritating series in a row, this one restored my faith in doctor who a bit…

50, 51: South park, season 13 and 14. With this, I’m caught up on back episodes for the show. I now need to watch the new season.

52: Farscape Season 2. Gets more interesting with turning the big-bad from Season 1 into a bit of a almost-ally, and taking a guy added at the end of season 1 and turning him into the new big-bad.

53: Kiddy Grade. After it going off Netflix for ages in disc form, it finally showed up on streaming. Aside from the cheesy intro song, it’s a pretty good series. Second biggest mecha I’ve seen in a series… (First being Gurren Lagann.)

54: Corpse Princess. Some shades of Gunslinger Girl (interactions between the inhuman killing machines and their human partners) and a little bit like the early bits of Bleach… Only more sinister, because they’re not redeeming souls, they’re destroying them…

55: Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock. So-so…