13: Lucky Star Volume 6. Still fun.

14: Lucky Star Volume 3. Actually getting into the stories they made anime out of in this. Really fun.

15: Erfworld Volume 1. So, I’ve read it already. This time I have it in dead tree form.


12: Portal 2 Coop. Yeah, I already counted Portal 2, but I finally finished the Coop mode.

13: Dragon Quest 6. Fun old game.

14: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Technically, I finished this in June, but I made it to the final dungeon in May. If you have a PSP, buy this game. It has an excellent storyline and quite solid battle system. Very well paced, about 44hours to complete.

15: 999 (9 hours 9 persons 9 doors.) Finished it in just a couple of days, but I really played it to death those two days.


28: Lucky Star. Very 4-panelish tv show. A bit disjointed, but enjoyable.

29: Doctor Who: Mask of the Mandragora. An enjoyable episode…

30: Doctor Who: Hand of Fear. Decent, but I can’t help but think it’s one of those anti-nuclear anti-progress message episodes that annoyed me so much about the 3rd doctor.

31: Lucky Star OVA. A little more coherent than most lucky star episodes, but also dealing with more trivial stuff. A bunch of clips of the dog, a bunch of MMORPG clips, a storyline of getting lost in the woods…

32: Baccano. I discussed this before…

33: The Slayers. Fun old 90’s anime.

34: Man from Earth. Reminds me of an old SF story I read.

35: Man of the Century. Half 1920’s, half 1990’s new york. Interesting.

36: Young Sherlock Holmes. Nothing to write home over.

37: Ergo Proxy. Nice art, nice character design, nice opening/closing music, interesting setting at first, but the storyline is just awful.