The title is a bit of a joke, but I have a few thoughts on the whole thing that happened this Sunday.

First off, I’m quite disappointed by the celebrations and such that happened after that. We should be better than that. Sure, it was a necessary thing to do, but it’s not something we should be happy about. He was a threat to be dealt with, like a wolf in the pasture or a fox in the henhouse. Nothing more or less. Relief may be a proper response, but jubilation is the worst response we could have.

Much has been made about the google searches and tweets following this of young people who didn’t know who the guy was. My thought is, maybe this is a good thing?

Nothing would make me happier than having him fade from memory entirely. Just another minor threat that is no longer, just like the morons at Columbine, the guy at Virginia Tech, The Oklahoma city guys, and the one who did the Giffords shooting in Arizona. Having them be remembered for their crimes means they win. Instead, we should remember the victims and ignore the hopefully soon to be banished from history perpetrators.

Hopefully, this insane security state we’ve built up will be eased out and we can start thinning the government back down again as well. Lets not let the rare psychopaths define us and make us betray our principles.