For those of you who haven’t posted to my blog because you don’t want to create an account here, I’ve now implemented something just for you!

There’s now Disqus comment support in the blog. No longer any need at all to create a Socia account just to comment, and I’ll probably even block off the account creation bit here before too long. (If you actually want a Socia blog, let me know.) You can now use your Twitter, OpenID, Disqus, Yahoo, or Facebook account to post here. The OpenID also will allow you to post with your Livejournal and other accounts. Let me know if this needs any adjustments.

Please avoid commenting on the Livejournal page for this, those comments go away in less than a month and I often miss them. :(

(Note, even though this is getting reposted to my new blog, I still have Disqus comments. Yay!)