I finally caved and imported a game. I usually hang on to the hope that they will eventually bring the title over here and I’ll be able to play it normally, but after reading the forums for Atlus, the JP publisher of the game and the logical choice to publish it here, I discovered there is absolutely no possibility of the game being translated for US release.

Princess Crown was a very early Vanillaware game. It was originally for Sega Saturn and was never brought to the US. I figured that the PSP Rerelease might mean it would come out here, but it turns out that the PSP version is just a Saturn emulator running the original rom, and Vanillaware has long-since lost the source code for the game.

I now have an imported UMD disc of Princess Crown in Japanese.

I hope it lives up to the standards they set in Odin Sphere and Muramasa. :)