Didn’t quite finish any, got stuck on another really, really dull book about primitive cultures and their bizarre caste systems and primitive magic. It took me all month to read 160 out of 480 pages of it…


6. Ys 1. Excellent game, aside from the lack of direction. 9 hours. Quite fun though.

7. Ys 2. About 8 hours to finish this one. Much more focused than the last.


11. The Brothers Grimm. I probably only got to watch about half of this because the bluray disc kept skipping entire sections.

12. Getbackers. watched all 48 episodes of this. It’s a bit like Bleach or DBZ, but instead of drawn out multi-episode fights, most every individual fight is over in a single episode. The characters go SD constantly, and they even break the 4th wall about this SDing. A bit distracting at times.

13. War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise version. Better than I was imagining.

14. Freakazoid season 2. I finally got around to watching this. It seems to have gotten shakier the second season, but still funny.

15. Deathnote Relight. A condensing of the whole deathnote series down to about 4 hours. I actually caught parts of the story that I missed the first time around. I thought I only missed 1 disc, but apparently I missed at least 2.

16. Darker than Black. I really enjoyed this. It’s not as good as say, Cowboy Bebop, but for one of those japanese superhero shows (like Bleach, GetBackers, etc) it was really good.

17. Black Adder series 3. Quite fun.

18. Black Adder series 4. Reminds me of why I hate WW1.

19. Black Adder’s a Christmas Carol. Quite a good twist on the original.

20. A Bit of Fry and Laurie Season 3. Best season yet.