It used to be that you could trust buying things from Amazon. It seems though with them putting third party stores up, that these days are long gone and Amazon should be treated essentially like Ebay. I picked up a copy of Paranoia Agent from them and found that it had a number of odd features that lead me to believe it’s counterfeit… I’ll paste the email I sent to the seller via Amazon here.


I’ve received the product today, Paranoia Agent 1-13, and immediately noticed that something was wrong with the DVD’s packaging. It looked really off, like a low-budget knockoff of the real dvd’s packaging. There was a white stripe where someone printed and cut off the sleeve of the DVD. the background was extremely dithered like it was scanned in and reprinted. Not only that, but the UPC on the back, along with the box art for the DVD was from the Volume 1 of the series, then it was altered to remove references to it being volume 1 of Geneon’s release of this title. In addition, it states that it is licensed for use only in Hong Kong and Macau on the back of the box. Since I’m in neither Macau or Hong Kong, I assume this was a shipping mistake.

Should I send this back to you?

This seller had a 100% rating on Amazon… I guess I can’t even trust that.