Eesh, it’s the last day of February. That month flew by fast.


1. Wraiths of Time: Another Andre Norton book. This book was the reason I didn’t get any books finished in January. It just dragged…

2. Quantum Connection. A book by Travis Taylor on the other end of the spectrum, I finished this book in 2 days. It’s one of those wish fulfillment sort of books where the geeky main character is brilliant and reverse engineers things, and the situation he’s thrown into just happens to need that skill exactly.


3. Mana Khemia 2. The battle system and alchemy was still a lot of fun, but the characters were a bit grating. I’m debating going into the other char’s storyline now. It took 40 hours to finish one.

4. Strongbad Ep 2. Silly games…

5. Stacking. An excellent adventure puzzle game. Play it!


9. Funny that the 9th video I watched for the year would be the movie 9… It was interesting. Like the Little Big Planet motif combined with post apocalyptic stuff.

10. Farscape Season 1. I wish I would have watched this sooner. Rather interesting.